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Who Am I

Hello everyone,
hope you all are doing great. Welcome to my Happy World.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Elliot 

As George said its never too late, so here I am with my writing stuff because this is my thing.
I am a learner, reading lover, a mind full of thoughts , knowledge seeker , music lover , an isolated soul. writing is my love as there are several thoughts roam in my mind all the time. and then I started writing blogs to express myself. In life I have learned that its our choice how to live whatever the situation is and we make our lives what it is. 
So I choose happiness and positivity.
Else you will  get to know through my writings.
Don't forget to leave your reviews , I will appreciate them.

I have another blogging account too where I write about my personal experiences and stuff , If you wanna check out that, click the link below.

Enjoy Reading.
Take Care!


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She is born again

She is all up for rising Like a sun with the never ending light, She is all brightened up To show everyone her worth, She , with all her strength Ready to climb every mountain, She, with all her emotions cried out Coz she has done a promise for life, She, with all her broken pieces Will build the dream that got denied earlier, She refused to be a wreck As now she will stand up for herself,

These are the lines from her diary’s first page. The diary which she started writing as she left home after her mother’s funeral. She left her father who never wanted her. Her only support or the key of her life, her mother had gone now. But her mother’s last words made her live again. 
To see her mother on the death bed she said “I will die with you as I don’t have anyone else after you. I need to go with you.” And she cried her heart out.
And her mother said,” now this is your life, and you have to fulfil every dream which we dreamt together. Start your journey and see this world wi…

Sometime not knowing what to do is okay

There are days when u don’t know what to do, when life gets stuck don’t know where. When you just don’t wanna wake up from your sleep. When you don’t wanna eat or u just wanna eat. When you don’t wanna take baths, when you love your pjs for always. When you don’t wanna talk to anyone at all and you don’t wanna work. And don’t think I am talking about girl’s period time. No, it’s not. I mean seriously we all face this situation in life a lot. I am also one of these kind of people.  And it’s totally okay. We are humans not machine. We can’t be perfect and no need to be perfect. It’s our life not a mission as if we will fail, everyone is gonna die. This time will be over soon. You will find your way too.   

I have always been suggested by every single person from family to discover what I wanted to do. They even choose for me like they told me to prepare for civil services and many more. As a girl I always asked to at least learn all girlish thing as they call it, like cooking, sewing and…

How To Face An Arrogent Sibling Everyday

Funny topic, right?? I am sure all of you will relate with this topic.

We all went through or going through this situation. Every sibling and the relationships they have with each other is unique, important, and special in a family. Brothers and sisters influence each other and play important roles in each other’s lives. 
Indeed, sibling relationships make up a child’s first social network and are the basis for his or her interactions with people outside the family. Brothers and sisters are playmates first; as they mature, they take on new roles with each other. Over the years, they may be many things to each other — teacher, friend, companion, follower, protector, enemy, competitor, confidant, role model. 
This relationship can be powerfully affected by a sibling’s disability or chronic illness.
But most of the time what we face is an arrogant sibling as I have a one. 
One thing he loves to do except study, eat and sleep is irritating me. Whatever the topic is he will blame me for everyth…