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I am happy and excited to share that I have received a nomination for  The Sunshine Blogger Award. I can not extend my gratitude enough towards my fellow blogger Mercy Ananeh-Frempong She has a blog by the name  which tells us how to write creatively. You all should check out her blog for learning some wonderful tips. I respect her and I am really grateful too. Thank you MERCY.
The SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. It’s an awesome gesture of recognition and appreciation to the bloggers who they consider inspiring and creative. These recognition brings boost of confidence too.

As part of nomination, blogger needs to write a post including certain things, which are,        
           1.       Thank the blogger who nominated them and links back to their blog.
           2.       Answer the 11 question asked by the blogger who nominated them.
           3.       Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions.
           4.       Notify your nominee and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

   This is what she asked and my answers:-
    ·  What makes you feel accomplished?
      I really don’t want to be diplomat but, writing makes me feel accomplished as I don’t talk much but when I write , I usually pour out my heart. After writing, getting awesome and amazing comments from the fellow bloggers is even more fantastic thing for me. I love it when people say they relate with my writing or my writing is what they can get inspiration or motivation from.
   · What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
      I have recently finished The Alchemist twice and I can’t get over it because every time I read this book, it feels like it’s my story too. It inspires me to believe in myself more and move forward. I love the way how writer tells that life is all what we make. Our decision decides what we will be in future. I love reading this book again and again.

   · What’s an ideal weekend for you?
      Nice sunny and warm weather, early morning workout with music, delicious breakfast with family, writing blogs in the noon time with coffee, evening snacks with my cousins in the balcony with lots of laughter and giggles, dinner with family and scheduling the next week before going to bed . It’s the ideal weekend for me.

   · Is there anything you enjoy about blogging?
     Definitely knowing lots of awesome people through blogging is the first thing I really enjoy. I enjoy reading various blogs a day about almost everything and getting knowledge.

   · What are you most thankful for?
      I am most thankful for the internet through which it became possible to publish our writings and read many others in no seconds. Finding a new world of writers wouldn’t be possible without internet.

   · If you could bring one musician or writer back to life, who would it be?
      Indian writer Munshi Premchand (born 31 July 1880- died 8 Oct. 1936). I love reading him a lot.   

   · What’s your favorite drink?
        Water, no doubt!

   · What is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen or experienced?
      Pouring out true emotions through writing or music or any other art form is the most heartwarming thing I have seen and experienced too.

   · Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
        Natural places full of trees and greenery, I like the most. Still waiting to be there.

   · What kind of art do you enjoy most?
       Writing, music, dance, I enjoy them all a lot.

   · What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?
       I want to unlearn being lazy, being unproductive and sometime being rude to people. All these things are not good for me but still I do.

   My nominations:
I  am nominating following blogs for The Sunshine Blogger Award.
         Jhilmil Bhansali                  : -
         Mayuri Saxena                   : -
         Sona Jain                            : -
         Laura                                  : -
    Fabiola Rodriguez Licona       : -   
      Shaffi Maha                           : -
       Dada KS                               : -
       Kavita Singh                         : -

My questions for the Nominees:-
           1.      How did you get involved with blogging?
           2.     What inspires you to write blogs daily/weekly?
           3.     What do you think about monetizing your blog?
          4.      How do you organize your day including writing blogs?
          5.     What makes you happy other than blogging?
          6.      What is you ideal evening?
         7.      What writer you love to read most?
         8.      What do you think the best thing readers can learn from your blog?
         9.      What is the most enjoyable thing about blogging?
       10.  What is your favorite quote?
       11.  What are you aiming at in the world of blogging?
      I wish you all the best, please leave a link of your post when you are done, I would love to checkout your answers. Thank you Mercy!

      Love yourself!!!



  1. People always make fun of me because I say that water is my favorite drink. But i'm glad someone else feels the same way as i do!

  2. How exciting! Congrats. It always feels great when your hard work is noticed!

    xoxo Christie

  3. Congratulations on receiving the award! And for sharing so much about yourself with us

  4. Congratulations Chiimmiii!!! Your answers are heartwarming and brought a smile to my face. I love natural landscapes and most of the things you enjoy. :)

  5. Through these nominations we get to know so much more about the face behind the blog. Its great to know more about your likes and dislikes.

  6. Congratulations! Yes, I am glad that we have the Internet too to express ourselves.

  7. We have a lot in common! The alchemist is one of my faves!

  8. This is such a fun way to get to know the person behind the blog. The people you meet is the best thing about blogging.

  9. Love your answers! Congratulations on your nomination!

  10. Thanks for the recommends of a writer. I googled a bit and started to like him...

  11. Cool . That's Great Congratulations.

  12. Really inspirational for the bloggers. I enjoyed your question-answer session and as you said, water is the best drink available in the world.

    Congratulations for the award.

    Take care,

  13. Congratulations for the award! I wonder when I will receive such an award!

  14. Family dinners is the best, or any family get-together really . We are always so busy, so on weekends my family and I really take the time to catch up. When friends or relatives visit, even better!

  15. Congratulations! nice read.

  16. Water wow, can I say coffee is my favorite drink. I struggle to drink water but I try the best. Awesome read

  17. congratulations...!!!. really good article . loved reading this.

  18. Congrats on your award! My favorite drink is Diet Coke--but I also try to drink water.

  19. Your article shows that you know how to express yourself very well, and I have learned a lot with this blog. Thank you for sharing and congratulations.

  20. Congratulations on getting nominated by a fellow blogger. I love learning more about the people behind the blog.

  21. Congratulations on your nomination for the award. That is awesome. And congrats to the people you are nominating. It's so gratifying to be recognized for your work.

  22. Congrats on being nominated for the Sunshine Blogging award. It's so nice to be recognized by your peers. I remember getting this nomination and it does feel good.

  23. So cool to receive from a fellow blogger. I love blogging and the community that it brings.

  24. Congrats on receiving this award! :) xo, Suzanne

  25. Congratulations on the blogging award-- that's fantastic! I really enjoyed the Q&A portion. The Alchemist is one of my favorite books of all time : )

  26. Thank you so much for nominating me! I loved your answers :)


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