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I am happy and excited to share that I have received a nomination for  The Sunshine Blogger Award. I can not extend my gratitude enough towards my fellow blogger Mercy Ananeh-FrempongShe has a blog by the name which tells us how to write creatively. You all should check out her blog for learning some wonderful tips. I respect her and I am really grateful too. Thank you MERCY.
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My first ever: - Nykaa purchase

Hello Friends,
As you have read the tittle already, I recently did online shopping from this website called There is a sale going on (Rakhi sale) and I really wanted to try some products which I never did before and buying good quality products on sale is amazing.
I shopped from Nykaa for the very first time and they have some amazing deals on.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: - Book Review

This is the book many told me to read once and I read this taking my time, slowly as this is the way I love reading these kind of inspirational novels.
First of all the first line on the cover attracted me, I guess anyone would love to read this on their book too. 65 million copies sold, this is a fantastic number. This made me more eager to read this as I wanted to know what’s there in this book that people have read it this much. I asked for review in one word but people, as they usually do, confused me. So I decided no more suggestions needed and let’s read this straight.

Why I get annoyed from the people around me

I am going to talk about the things I am really annoyed as the people around me don’t really understand what are they saying and what are they doing. Remember, you can’t change everything about the world– but you can change how you react to it, but somethings never change and you just can’t control your temper too.
Here are the things I am really annoyed from:-

Every tall girl in the world

There are some perks to being tall, but sometimes it would be nice to drop a few inches and live in the average height bracket. With people staring and clothes not fitting, it’s not always an easy ride living in a world designed for smaller beings. Short girls taking advices from you or short boys being jealous of your height, I am with you girls. Yes, I can understand totally, how it feels.
Here are things all tall people will relate to:-

Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon - Review

I had used soap for face wash as a normal Indian kid of 90s but after my school days I have never used a soap as a face wash. I have tried many face washes for my skin as my skin is a combination of oily and dry but its more on the dry side. When I am saying I have used many then trust me they were many. 

But finding a perfect face wash for this kind of skin is such a headache because there are several kind of face washes for oily skin but not much for my skin type. One day I got a free sample with some other product of Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon and I used it and now I am a big fan of this ponds product. It’s been few months and I am using 5Th tube of this product and it never fails. It works exact same way I wanted. 

Problems = no problem

In business, problem solving technique fails when you only focus on those problems who seems to be big and you totally ignores small issues. We solve many problems of others in business but things starts getting change and difficult when we couldn’t find solutions for our problems. You always think that you have to focus on the big issues. In this way all those small issues becomes big and dangerous for business. There is no difference in issues, whether it’s big or small. One need to focus on everything equally.